Switching to solar saves you money

Using our services will save you more

Our unique approach presents you with choice—multiple, competitive bids—ensuring that you get the best solution from our network of the nation’s leading solar providers.

Your trusted solar advisor ensures your switch to solar is tailored to your organization’s needs, offering the following benefits:

It’s simple and seamless

Working with our experts is easy. With some basic information from you, we can determine the best solar energy system for your organization.

Have hundreds of solar companies compete for your business

Our network of solar partners have completed thousands of solar projects with Fortune 100 companies. Each vendor individually offers several solutions. Our marketplace allows us to offer you access to all solutions available on the market, enabling us to find the best one suited for your specific needs.

Have an agnostic solar expert on your side

We are price agnostic meaning that having a trusted advisor on your side ensures that you get the right equipment and a fair contract at the best value. After all, we are experts at what we do, so that you don’t have to be.

Save time and more than 30% cost

Switching to solar energy can be time consuming. If you don’t have all the right information you may end up overpaying for solar or not moving forward at all. Using a broker gives you peace of mind and can save you up to 30%-50% in price.

Your advisor will present you with a minimum of three proposals

Because of our vast network and unique process, we make sure you receive the best deal under the sun and the perfect system for your business. For each project we present an average of eight competitive bids.