SolarKal is helping businesses save more on solar energy

Yaniv Kalish

Solar Projects

SolarKal has begun 2017 with a host of new solar projects, continuing our plight to convert more businesses to solar energy and saving our customers additional money on already-cost-efficient solar conversions. Below are some early highlights:

    • SolarKal is exclusively representing a community center in Bayonne, New Jersey, with a roof top solar solution to save on annual energy costs that support their community activities. This project is already available on our platform for bids.


    • A leading marketing and printing company in New Jersey has hired SolarKal to find a vendor to replace their roof and install solar panels. SolarKal is currently conducting an analysis on the client’s 30,000 sqft roof so stay tuned.


  • SolarKal has finished a vendor selection process for a residential complex still under construction in the New York area. SolarKal was able to save the management company an additional 35% on its solar system costs, in addition to its annual savings on energy usage.


Join SolarKal at some of the biggest Cleantech and Solar events this quarter. Let us know if you’re planning to participate to schedule a meeting.

    • INTERSOLAR SUMMIT USA EAST: On March 23rd in Brooklyn, NY, join over 400 solar and energy storage key players, including top industry-leading speakers. Intersolar is giving SolarKal’s community a 10% discount code to attend: PA15-USA.


  • Solar Power Northeast: Over two days in February (13-14th), solar executives will gather at Solar Power Northeast – the event formerly known as PV America. Hundreds of companies have registered to join the Northeast’s largest solar event. The sold-out exhibit hall features 60+ exhibitors, with a variety of new products on display.



SolarKal is proud to welcome our newest solar broker to the SolarKal team: Dennis Wilson. Dennis has over 30 years of experience providing businesses with energy savings solutions for commercial, industrial, healthcare and multifamily residential facilities. He previously founded and ran one of the leading residential solar energy companies in New Jersey, before transitioning to develop scores of solar systems for commercial clients up to 500 KW in size. In addition to developing and constructing his own commercial solar projects, he has provided consulting services for numerous solar projects using a broad spectrum of solar module, inverter and mounting technologies.

Broker Q&A:

What drew you to Solarkal?

After many years developing and installing solar systems for commercial customers, I realized that most commercial customers need guidance in determining the best solar solution for their facility. Solar equipment has continued to evolve and solar module efficiency varies significantly between manufacturers. Different racking systems and inverters are also offered by various installers, leading to a complex decision process. The Solarkal RFP and analysis process secures the best installed prices and evaluates each proposal to deliver the lowest cost of solar energy to the customer.

What have client reactions been when you bring up going solar?

Commercial customers are realizing that the transition from fossil fueled electricity to renewable energy is now just a matter of time. Solar equipment costs have continued to decline, and solar electricity is now cheaper than utility electric in most regions. Customers also appreciate the energy efficiency recommendations we can provide from my past experience in retrofitting over 20 million sq.ft. of commercial and industrial space for increased lighting and HVAC efficiency.


Solar Thoughts

SolarKal is fielding a lot of questions on the future of solar under the new administration. We thought our community would appreciate this article: Economics To Keep Wind And Solar Energy Thriving With Drumpf. Also this short video (Solar Energy is now Cheaper than Fossil Fuels) from the World Economic Forum is similarly informative about the status and future of solar.

We are now accepting applicants for our next brokers training taking place in January. You can find more details on our website. For any question about our brokers program you can contact

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