Case Studies

Case Study: Offering Bergen Logistics a Trusted Solar Solution

Kelly Fay


SolarKal helped Bergen Logistics move forward on a solar project that provided clean energy to their distribution center & netted consistent annual cash flows.

The Challenge

Bergen Logistics, multinational fashion & lifestyle order fulfillment provider, wanted to expand their clean energy portfolio by installing solar on their North Bergen distribution center. After exploring options with several solar companies & finding themselves uncomfortable moving forward on their own, Bergen Logistics engaged with SolarKal in early 2019 to conduct a bidding process using SolarKal’s proprietary platform and network of trusted providers.

The SolarKal Process

1. Conducted a full rooftop and technical feasibility analysis of the North Bergen facility, and determined that the facility would require a combined re-roofing and solar project Worked closely with Bergen Logistics to analyze multiple financing options for the combined re roofing & solar project, as well as secure loan funding from the client’s bank Launched & managed a competitive bid process via SolarKal’s proprietary platform—gathering & analyzing 14 proposals from pre-vetted partners

2. Identified a vendor who had installed multiple projects just down the road and had extensive experience with the unique local permitting process in the area as well as provide Bergen Logistics a rate lower than any of their initial quotes

3. Advised Bergen Logistics on which solar vendor to proceed with &, once a vendor was selected, on contract negotiation

4. Ensured the vendor upheld their timetable of deliverables & equipment choices

The SolarKal Solution

Bergen Logistics proceeded with the project, & secured a dependable $5.8MM savings over the life of the project.

With a system size of 1.5 MW, Bergen Logistics expects to generate 1,850,000 kWh of pollution-free energy annually. This amount of clean energy generation has a tremendously positive effect on the environment—the equivalent of planting 1,500 acres of trees or the avoidance of burning 1.2 million pounds of coal every year for 25 years.

Interested in benefitting from solar energy, similarly to Bergen Logistics?

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