Our Services

SolarKal walks you through every step of going solar.

Feasibility Assessment

To help you find the best solution, SolarKal first conducts a technical and financial feasibility study, summarizing the findings and presenting you with all available options for structuring the project.


Our services include:

Technical Feasibility

  • Site evaluation, examining roof conditions, electrical equipment, and shading
  • Analysis of your utility bills to determine your current energy costs and usage
  • System design and sizing

Financial Feasibility

  • Understanding of your business needs, tax appetite, and timeline
  • Assistance with maximizing the utilization of Federal, State, and Local incentives
  • Detailed cash-flow analysis, comparing different financial structures

Advisory Services

SolarKal serves as your advisor throughout the entire process of going solar. After conducting our Technical & Financial Feasibility analysis, our solar experts guide you through the decision-making process, from project design to financing options.

We can do this for a single building, or we can conduct a multi-site analysis and identify the projects with the best economics.

Our goal is to make sure you are comfortable with the mechanics of solar and the available financing options, before we take your project to the procurement stage.

Procurement Management

Once we’ve determined the solar solution that suits your business, we’ll work to find you the best possible price in the market through our competitive bidding process.

We tap into our vast network of solar companies, taking advantage of our economies of scale and ensuring you get a tailor-made solution at a price you otherwise couldn’t access. Working with SolarKal will save you at least 30% off the total price of solar.

Our process includes:

  • Pre-RFP Vendor screening, to identify vendors experienced with projects like yours
  • Conduct competitive RFP process with both national and local vendors
  • Vendor due-diligence, and design and equipment review
  • “Apples-to-apples” comparison of all proposals, and advice on final vendor selection
  • Contract Negotiation Support